JeCARS - Control you content 

JeCARS is a lightweight RESTful webservice which delivers pluggable output formats, e.g. Atom feeds, JSON or HTML. Third party applications can be plugged in. A JCR (JSR-170) repository (Jackrabbit) is used for storage.

JeCARS Features

  • Open source, Apache License v2.0
  • User and group (group of groups) management
  • Permission management on node level
  • RESTful interface
  • Google's GData support
  • Atom Syndication Format (RFC 4287)
  • Atom Publishing Protocol  (RFC 5023)
  • JSR-170 JCR (Java Content Repository) support
  • Uses Apache Jackrabbit
  • WebDAV support
  • Pluggable output formats
  • Versioning (default JCR versioning support)
  • Plugin system (ApplicationSources) for third party applications
  • Threaded Tool support
  • Backup tool
  • JeCARS running as service or local
  • Java client support library (JeCARS client)
  • JeCARS synchronizer (for synchronizing local directories)

JeCARS Applications

JeCARS Synchronizer


JeCARS User/Group Manager